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English Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

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SKE English

Distance learning subject knowledge enhancement courses are available in the following forms:

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Course content

GCSE topics

  • Critical reading and comprehension (Language)
  • Summarising & synthesising
  • Writing clear and coherent text
  • Writing for impact
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Spoken language
  • Critical reading and comprehension (Literature)
  • Evaluating and comparing texts (Literature)
  • Writing clearly and coherently about literature (Literature)

GCSE virtual lessons modules

  • English Language
    • Reading and Understanding Texts
    • Language and Structure in Reading and Writing
    • Evaluating Texts
    • Comparing Texts
    • Creating Writing
    • Non-Fiction Writing
  • English Literature
    • Shakespeare
    • Modern Drama
    • 19th Century Literature
    • Poetry (anthology)
    • Unseen Poetry (EdExcel/AQA)
    • Generic Skills

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